Welcome to the Immigrant Family Services Institute’s (IFSI-USA) One Stop Center!

IFSI-USA has developed this online platform to empower immigrant families in their quest for resources and support services in the United States. Our goal is to serve our constituents efficiently and with dignity while preparing the next generation of immigrants for access to resources leading to their participation in and contribution to the 21st Century technology-driven marketplace and knowledge economy.


With the recognition that our services will lead to opportunities which not only secure and strengthen the immigrant family, but also contribute to community economic development, FSI-USA offers to this population a direct pathway to middle-class employment and long-term, rewarding career opportunities through early intervention education, academic remedial and enrichment programs, and adult education and workforce training programs.


We warmly invite you to often use and take advantage of the resources available on this online platform, while joining a broader coalition of partner organizations, academic institutions, employers, and government agencies contributing to this initiative.


Haitian immigrants marching in the street.

Key Benefits provided by the Immigrant Navigator Platform:


  • Support immigrant families in navigating all the confusing, bureaucratic maze of requirements, eligibility, and restrictions when dealing with government agencies and public programs;

  • Strong public advocacy support to our constituents;

  • Information, guidance, and empowerment to access services


So share this platform and invite your friends and acquaintances to become part of our coalition!


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