The IFSI-USA Immigrant Navigator is an online platform that identifies, combines, and publishes resources to provide clear guidance in areas that are vital to immigrant life in the United States.

IFSI-USA: Helping immigrant and minority families make informed and confident decisions in the following key areas :

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Massachusetts COVID-19 Update

Get informed, stay safe, and find resources during the COVID-19 pandemic era.

Adult education and workforce training

Online education, training, and interactions have become integrated components of our lives. Take an adult education course at IFSI right in the comfort of your home.

Remedial education, tutoring, and music programs

IFSI-USA has emerged as a central hub in Greater Boston in remedial education for minority and immigrant children.  Register your child today for our free online programs for children.

Immigration support and services

Changes may have been made in the federal immigration services to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Stay informed about your status during the COVID19 pandemic.

Private/public schools

Concerns about your child’s vulnerabilities and rights to access a good education in the school system? IFSI-USA can offer guidance to parents on how to stay engaged, participate, and actively contribute to your child education. Request our How-To Guide for Parents with Children in School.

College and university admissions resources

Immigrants’ role in American society has been on display during the COVID-19 pandemic. IFSI-USA wants to make it essential that as many minority and immigrant young people as possible access, enroll and succeed in postsecondary education. IFSI-USA recently launch a number of college prep programs to support local youth. Request a brochure.

Health and healthcare access

Numerous barriers to immigrants often contribute to increase health inequalities in the U.S. They have language barriers, ethnic taboos, and traditions, including traditional forms of medicine which often hinder their access to healthcare.  Reach out often to IFSI for information and resourses.